Frequently asked questions

How much should I start with in my bankroll?
It is highly recommended that you should have 1,000 to 1,500 units. Units can be $1 or cents. So for example $1 will be $1,000 and 50 cents at 1,000 units would be $750.
What casinos would you recommend?

Unfortunately we cannot recommend casinos. However you can Google “Best online casinos in my area”, “What casinos are accepting (put your location) residents” etc. It is up to our customers to do their own research.

What am I getting with my subscription?
You will get access to our Matrix calculator as well as access to an instructional video clearly explaining how our systems work.
Will I get any support after making my purchase?
We value you as our customer. We will try our best to accommodate your inquiries.
Why should I buy your system?
We have the greatest systems on the planet. We will give you an edge over the casinos. Our philosophy is we want our customers to be investors not gamblers. Treat this as a business and you are working towards getting gains on your investment. Our honestly and integrity is not for sale. We are an honest and trustworthy company. We work hard for your money.
Should I have a daily target?
Absolutely you should have a daily target. Again you need to treat this as a business. We want our customers to be investors and not gamblers. Think of this as an investment. If you can get $10 or $20 in an hour of play and do that for 5 hours, that is $100 a day. $100 a day times 30 days would be $3,000 a month. That can go along way for many people. It can be a life changer. This is just a recommendation. Even if you only make $300 or $500 in the month, be happy with it. Don’t get greedy.
Should I have a stop loss?
Yes. We recommend that you have a stop loss of 20% of your original bankroll. So 20% of 1,000 would be $200. If your bankroll becomes $2,000, your stop loss would be on $1,000 on $2,000.
What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel their subscription. You will receive an Auto Notification reminder by PayPal 2 days prior to your subscription renewal

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log into your PayPal account then search “Payments”. You will then need to hit the cancel option on the top left.
Important to Note: PayPal processes payments not SpinPro. SpinPro does not have your PayPal account credentials.

Why can’t I log on?
You may have forgotten your password, have the cap locks on or may have varied off (login will fail after 3 unsuccessful attempts). If you have attempted to log in 3 unsuccessful times, your account will become locked and will be unlocked after 30 mins. After which you can either attempt to try again or you will need to change your login credentials.
Can I use the calculator on more than one device at a time?
Absolutely not. Your account will be automatically disabled as your I.P address and log in details are track by our systems in real time. If your username is logged in on one place and then in another state or city at the same time or within 3 mins of each other, the system will detect fraud or compromised. You the account holder, will be held responsible and liable for breaking the terms of service and agreements as set fourth by our copyright procedures and regulations.
Does the Matrix numbers change with each spin?
Yes with each number that is produced by the wheel, the matrix sequence has 5 specific numbers which will be parted with the number from the wheel.
Can I use this Matrix calculator on any RNG, including live or at a brick and mortar casino?
Yes absolutely you can use the calculator at any RNG and live casino. However at a live online dealer you may not have enough time to place your bet. That’s how they get you. As for the brick and mortar casinos, they may not allow you to use electronic devices.
Do you have a free trial?
Unfortunately no. Because if someone is serious about making money, they should not require anything free but rather purchase a product which will pay for its self in a matter of a few hours. All free things are not necessarily of high quality.
How can I get a refund?

As stated in our terms and conditions, WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS AS THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT intended for entertainment purposes only. When buy a lottery ticket and did not hit the jackpot, does the lottery board issue you a refund on your ticket? No.
This as all forms of investment products is based on the principle of change and thus can have varying outcomes which may be productive or profitable at times. Therefore we offer no guarantees whatsoever. Each individual experience may vary as does casino payouts or procedures. We are not affiliated with any casino or have not attached to any other outside vendor(s).


  1. While we make every effort to provide a product which will give you a distinct edge over the casino, there are no guarantees in any form of investing or gambling.
  2. Money management and discipline is and will always be the driving force to make profits in any sector of investing.
  3. Our Matrix calculator was designed to specifically keep the RNG wheel off balance and not know what number(s) the user is going to play next. So you do have an advantage over the possibility of a wheel tracking you.

Important Disclosure

The SpinPro17 Matrix Pro or other program on the site is a unique and valuable tool that belongs to SpinPro17.com. You are not allowed to copy, sell, or share it with anyone else without our written permission. You can only use one device to log in to your account at a time. If we detect that you are using multiple devices or locations at the same time, or different I.P addresses, we will disable and Ban down your account. You will also lose your access to the SpinPro17 account permanently.